Banana Frozen Yogurt

July 6, 2010

First of all let me just say I hate the word “Fro-yo”. Hybrid words are really annoying, along with hybrid names. I’m a hypocrite though because I really enjoy the term “moobs” a.k.a. man boobs. Other than that, I try really hard to just take the tiny extra time to just say the full name. Anyway, sorry if I sound a little irritable or something… I’ve decided to give up cigarettes and eating too much sweets. I’m trying to get back into running, so cigarettes will not help. Plus they don’t do anything but kill you in the long-run. It’s difficult but not as bad as sweets! Of course I’ll never give up all my sweets… but I’ve been trying to find healthier alternatives. I heard about this banana frozen yogurt concoction and have been wanting to make it for a while. I finally got around to it today!

Honestly… it was OKAY. I kept reading about how amazing it is, but I personally cannot get past the slimey texture. Maybe I didn’t whip it enough… who knows! But I still ate it because I love the taste of bananas. It’s delicious enough to eat, but not anywhere near as great as frozen yogurt. Or freakin’ ice-cream for that matter. I. LOVE. ICE. CREAM. My room gets really hot in the morning, so eating this for breakfast cools me down and saves me the excess sugar/cals of actual frozen goodies like ice cream and otter pops. So this is pretty easy to make and cheap. Alls you need are some bananas and a food processor.

-Frozen bananas ~2 medium sized. (cut up, frozen in a zip loc or tupperware)
-Food Processor

Put the frozen chunks of banaynays into the food processor and whip it up. After a few seconds it will turn into a frozen yogurt like consistency. Scoop into a bowl and enjoy!

Next time I’m going to try putting some chocolate syrup or granola on top ;).


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