Secrets To Building A Great Sandwich

November 9, 2009

“PFF! I know how to make a stupid sandwich!” Yes, I can hear you all saying that right now. Truth is, everyone knows how to make a good sandwich but great sandwiches take a little more effort. This, in my humble opinion, is the building block of one of the best sandwiches you will ever eat. I always despised myself whenever I hit up a sandwich shop for lunch because it’s so cheap and easy to make my own gourmet style sandwich. There’s this one particular place in Chico that I’m OBSESSED with called Kona’s. I like going there for their homemade fresh bread, unsparingly great mayo-mustard-food proportion, super cheap prices, and the fact that they cut the deli meat in front of your face fresh per sandwich. I can’t bring home a giant deli slicer to my house, but I mimicked my sandwich building technique off of theirs. So kudos and big thanks to my favorite local sandwich shop! If anyone is in Chico, California take a stop at this simple yet delicious sandwich joint. Sandwich “secrets” behind the link!

1. Choose good ingredients- bread, meat, cheese, veggies.
The ingredients should be as fresh and tasty as possible! Pick your favorite bread. Go to a local bakery if you can, the freshest bread always tastes the best. Get good quality meat! Ew ew ew ew. I get so grossed out by most deli meats… especially when they are gross and slimey. Ewwww. I choose brands like Colombus San Francisco deli meat. Real turkey and my roommate & I go for the costco 3lb. box. Cheese… do not gimp yourself on lowfat cheese. What the hell? No, no, no. If you are even trying to reduce your cheese fat, just don’t even eat it. Finally, grab all your veggies from local produce & farmer’s market. Go for organic! It’s not bullshit… it really makes a difference in the taste. Vegetables actually taste the way they are supposed to.

2. Condiments & Spice- Fresh ground black pepper, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, mustard, mayo.
Some people don’t like mayo. 😦 That’s okay! Or mustard… but trust me… red wine vinegar and olive oil will do you wonders for your sandwich’s moisture if you leave both of those out. RWV adds a tangy bite to your sandwich, and the black pepper just gives it a little flavor pep! Bobby Flay himself said once that if he were deserted on an island and had only 1 spice with him, it would be black pepper.

3. Thin Slices.
Don’t overpower with your veggies by cutting bigass chunks! I loooove onions but hate biting into a sandwich and tasting onions only. I noticed that most fast-sandwich joints have thinly sliced veggies that I love. It helps save money and time to them, but to me it really helps me 1. fit the sandwich in my mouth, and 2. not be overwhelmed by produce, cheese, or meat.

4. Building it.
I believe in the Kona’s way. They do it by building on two separate slices of bread and then putting them together for an ultimate effect. I may be exaggerating or delusional, but for some reason the way this is put together has all the sauces dripping onto the dry parts making the sandwich self-smothering in extra deliciousness. Start with one slice of bread with cheese ontop. Then you add (evenly) your sandwich meat. Ontop of that you pile in this order- onions, tomato, other produce (sprouts, avocado), and shredded lettuce. Yep, shredded or julienned. I like this because it doesn’t block off the sauces I mentioned above. After the lettuce you drip on your red wine vinegar and olive oil, and crack your black pepper to taste.

Now we take the second piece of bread, put on the mayo. On top of the mayo goes the mustard (so that mustard doesn’t seep into the bread… It seems to soak in more than mayo does and then it overpowers you with mustardy bread.). Then you stick that piece ontop of the lettuce, cut in half, and voila! Sandwich of goodness. 🙂

Adapt this method as you will, because of course this is only my opinion. Hopefully I’ve inspired you and spread the sandwich love!


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