Potato Salad

July 5, 2009

MMMMMMM!!!!! summer = potato salad. it tastes so amazing in this heat when it’s nice and chilled. i work at a care home for developmentally disabled adults where i prepare dinner for 6. they all requested me to make potato salad for dinner’s side dish so i did what i could with whatever was in the fridge. it turned out pretty bomb! sandra, one of the clients, would not stop raving about it. recipe & a cute picture of my clients after the jump!

I wasn’t really sure of my measurements but it is best done to taste!
-1 lb. of small potatoes, peeled. (get the ones with smooth skin, they are the “waxy” kind that won’t fall apart!)
-1/2 of a small red onion, grated.
-1/2 of a red bell pepper, diced.
-3/4 c. mayonnaise
-1 heaping TBSP. yellow or dijon mustard (more if you like mustard)
-1 hard boiled egg, grated.
-1 tsp. apple cider vinegar
-couple pinches garlic powder or salt if you like salt
-1 TBSP. sugar (i used brown, there wasn’t any granulated)
-salt & pepper to taste

1. place potatoes & egg carefully in a pot. fill with water & bring to a boil.
2. remove the egg after about 15 minutes & continue the potatoes.
3. cook the potatoes until fork tender. they are tough enough not to quickly fall apart when you stick a fork in ’em, but squishy enough for the fork to easily go in. it will be about 15-20 more minutes.
4. while the ‘tatoes are cooking, cool the hard boiled egg. peel & grate to prepare for the mixture.
5. drain the potatoes & cool so they can be touched without burning. when cooled, chop them into chunks to your preference & place in a bowl.
6. dump the rest of the ingredients on top of the potatoes & mix them until well mixed. season to taste and feel free to add more of any other ingredients if your taste buds call for it.

i asked the clients if i could take a photo for my blog and they said yes! 🙂

they are awesome! clockwise left-right: david, sandra, helen, & janette. eric was still in his room and holly was out of town.


One Response to “Potato Salad”

  1. wendy Says:

    omg i love that picture of them :]

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